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Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I gravitate toward memoirs/biographies and self help for overall motivation.

We've been in quarantine for 6 weeks now. We have 4 kids. There are 6 people in the house at all times. It gets real around here! When I have a moment, I revisit some of my favorite books. Books that have helped me with mindfulness and overall well being. I'm trying to stay positive and in a peaceful state of mind more than ever with this pandemic.

If you're into reading or need some food for thought, here are some books that have helped me on this awareness journey of mine. They're not listed in any specific order. All books can be found on Amazon.

New or used. Audible also has a free 30 day trial right now. It's worth a try for free.

FYI...This is a novel. Some light hearted fun in my opinion. A little distraction too. You'll probably crave the ocean and some crab rolls but Olive is so relatable.

As a working middle aged woman with adolescent children, I appreciate Maria's insight and wisdom here. Personal reflections and some prayer to keep you going. Lots of quotes too!

The title speaks for itself. If you're an overworked yes pleasing perfectionist looking for peace, this one is for you.

This little gem was a blessing in disguise when I needed it. It adds depth and perspective to life, death and accpetance. If you're grieving or seeking perspective, Randy Pausch's story is beautiful and inspiring.

This is a conceptual book and awareness is the goal. If you're searching for your life's purpose, start here. I read it over and over again. Oprah and Eckhart have "A New Earth Podcast" as well. It's intended to be a follow along discussion/guide and I highly recommend the combo.

My journey started here. Four straightforward principles from the Toltec that helped me focus on my intentions and my words. It also introduced me to the concept of not taking things personally. I recommend this short read to all my students.

The 5th Agreement works too. If you've seen my Pinterest pin, it comes from this version.

Xx Dee


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