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If you're new around here, I live on budgets and capsule wardrobes. I guess you can say I a minimalist. I try to buy pieces that last and carry over into multiple seasons. My clothing budget is also limited and in order to maximize my cash I wait for things to go on sale.

It's summer and you're probably not thinking about Fall or Winter coats. I wasn't either until I found a coat I was eyeballing all winter long on sale for 60% off. It's sale month at most major retailers right now. If you need a coat, now is the time to look. I found some decent pieces for under $30 at H&M and Zara. All pieces are linked (not affiliated) below. They're neutral, versatile and they can be layered with sweaters during colder months.


(I got mine in store for $27)

(Multiple colors)


(I love how soft these are)


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