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How does it feel going to Disneyland during a global pandemic?

It was awkward. Don't get me wrong, the kids enjoyed themselves. They truly had a great time. Plus, it was my youngest first time going. He was on cloud nine the entire day. I on the other hand, couldn't help but feel like he was missing out on something. I don't have an issue with face mask but remembering days without them hit me with the nostalgia of "the good ole days". Carefree days... It feels so long ago.

If you're wondering how Disney is handling social distancing and mask mandates, well, they're not. Mask seem to only apply upon entrance and while mounting rides. People enter the park with mask on and immediately take them off. They don't go back on unless the ride attendant reminds them it's mandatory for the ride. So... about 80 percent of the time, you're surrounded by mask less individuals. People eat, sneeze, cough (everything that's alarming right now) in line. People even sit on the ground and eat on the ground while they wait. Granted, there is hand sanitizer throughout the park but unless you have your own wipes, nothing is being sanitized. Clean freaks be ware.

My kids laughed at my hand washing request and the never ending "stop hanging on that" reminders. They knew it was in vain. There's no way to escape exposure at a theme park. I learned this the hard way. Two out of four kids are currently sick.

If you decide to go, know what you're getting yourself into. We planned this trip months in advance feeling pretty secure in paying for things up front and going nonrefundable. In hindsight, don't do that. My oldest couldn't go back to school this week as planned and non-refundable airfare is no fun either. The pandemic is not over no matter how much the world wants it to be. Give yourself some room for changes and illness.

Where We Stayed

As a family of 6, picking a hotel can be challenging. We usually do a Hilton/Hyatt property for that reason. They tend to have rooms with double beds and separate living spaces with sofa beds. A microwave and mini fridge are also mandatory for us. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in the surrounding area. We stayed here. We have no complaints. It worked for us. It was walking distance from the park, restaurants and Target. All things that make life easier traveling with 4 kids.

Property Details

No dining and daily parking fees apply at this property.

There's a small cafe near front desk that serves Starbucks coffee and small bites. Target came in handy for us.

As for parking, we didn't mind the $25 fee. It is taken from the incidental charge at checkout. There's also a free bus/shuttle service to Disneyland to save on park parking. Something to think about when picking a hotel.

Disney Eats

This was my first trip to Disneyland with older kids. My kids were fairly young the last time we visited. Needless to say, I was able to enjoy the iconic Mickey shaped bites MOM wanted to try this time around.

Mickey Bread Soup Bowl

French Market Restaurant $11.49

Mickey Beignets

Mint Julep Bar $8.49 for 6

I recommend both! They can be found in New Orleans Square. The powder sugar was a little messy, but I love beignets regardless. If you ever get to go to New Orleans, Cafe du Monde is a must! Of course we also did churros and popcorn but there not cute Mickey shapes. I'll spare you.

Things To Know

Download and utilize the Disney app. It's essentially a mobile map with ride time estimates. We planned our day around wait times thanks to this. It also works with dining. Reservations and mobile orders can be placed in app. Digital downloads of park photos can also be purchased through the genie+ option, as well as lighting lane passes. In all, it's a handy thing to have access too.

Disney still offers tier pricing and in my opinion the cheaper days are loaded with people. Next time we go, we're opting for another tier day to see if that changes anything. Let me know if you've experienced less people on those days?

Feeling blessed for the opportunity to see my kids be kids. I'll cherish these moments forever.

Stay safe, be present, and keep dreaming y'all,

Xx Dee

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.”

~ Walt Disney


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