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90s brows are long gone but I'm still traumatized. SO traumatized that I waited 6 entire weeks to do my own brows at home.

My kid sarcastically pointed out my brow situation yesterday and naturally I hid myself in the bathroom like the mature adult that I am. It was time to address the situation.

Two things:

1. I normally get my brows threaded once a month to maintain their shape. I wax my unibrow every other week all by myself and I pluck the strays.

2. I was low key letting my brows fill out. Threading can slowly thin them out over time and I wanted to embrace some of the bushy brow love society has suddenly accepted.

I didn't know I had sooo much brow to grow out. My brows are bushy AF. They're thick, dark and they grow fast. After 6's scary. I probably should have plucked the stray hairs throughout the weeks but here we are.

Here's how I did my own brows.

1. Wash and dry your face. I find home waxing to be easier when skin is less oily. Hence the next step. Once skin is dried, dab a little baby powder around the brow area. This helps the wax stick to hair not skin! PLEASE don't get it in your eyes!

2. If you're afraid about over plucking or waxing, comb brows and fill them in as you normally do or draw a line with eyeliner/brow pencil. That's a no-no zone. That's your safety. Don't cross those lines.

3. Read the instructions for whatever wax you purchased. I use this $5 Sally Hansen one. No strips are needed. It's a little weird the first couple of times but I got used to it. The heating might be off too. I usually have to double the time but...

Follow the heating instructions and do a heat test. Please, please, please, don't burn yourself!

4. If you're using the Sally wax, mix with the flat spoon tool and use the wooden angled tool to apply the wax. (Don't throw it away! I accidentally threw mine out and had to use a popsicle stick. I prefer the wooden tool).

5. Apply wax in the direction of brow growth. Mine grow up and to the side. I apply upward and arched right below the brow.

6. Press wax in. Do this to confirm wax is actually sticking. Stripless wax is weird. You have to get the groove of using the right amount of wax at the right temperature.

Wait the recommended time. Wax needs to dry before you can pull off.

7. Gently taunt the eye area and pull the wax against brow growth. For me, I pull from the outer corner of my brow toward the inner/unibrow area. I've heard countless times to not wax the same area more than once. It's probably safe to follow that advice. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Don't be like me.

8. Wipe off wax residue with whatever you prefer. I breakout with witch hazel so I use coconut oil or vitamin E oil on a cotton ball. Both can be found at Walmart.

9. Pluck left over stray hairs. But don't cross the line! I find that hairs become thinner and finer around my arch and on the top of my brows. I highly recommend that you leave that hair alone if you don't trust your precision with tweezers. You can most likely conceal with makeup anyway.

10. I clean up the tops of my brows with a facial razor. Yes. I shave my face too but we'll get to that another day. You don't have to do this part it's just something I do for a little definition. Don't get too close though we still want hair up there.

11. Wipe brows with a clean cotton ball. Comb brows up with a spoolie and trim any long unruly hairs with facial scissors. Wipe again. Done.

I love the outcome. It's clean yet slightly unpolished. More of a natural look with an easier upkeep.

My two cents; Over plucked brows come from a lack of boundaries. Fill in your brows or outline your brows before waxing. Wax around the outlines. Pluck to detail and clean up closer to the outlines but don't cross over. Conceal what cannot be tweezed. Those are my boundaries. I hope they help. The spoolies and scissors I use are from Amazon. The spoolies come in a pack of 200! Both are under $10 and linked below.

Good luck & Be careful!

Xx Dee




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