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If you've watched the movie Coco, you may know that dia de los muertos is a special holiday in Mexican culture. From October 31st to November 2nd, we celebrate the lives of our deceased loved ones. The bright orange flowers and petals throughout the movie are also known as flowers of the dead (marigolds). Both the aroma and the vibrant color of marigolds is said to attract souls to the ofrenda (altar). Think of these flowers as a guide back to the living. As for the individuals creating the ofrendas, bright marigolds remind us to be cheerful...dia de los muertos is a celebration of life. We celebrate.

I had no luck in finding fresh marigolds this year. I also couldn't find orange tissue paper. Luckily I had a few pieces of yellow tissue paper in an assortment pack at home. Yellow tissue and thread saved my day.

Tools & Materials:

4 pieces of tissue paper




What I did:

Unfold and even out tissue paper. Stack in a small pile. Fold tissue paper in quarters (fold in half and fold again). These folds create volume out of those 4 pieces of tissue paper.

Cut the stack into 3-4 squares (see video).

Cut each section into a circle shape by folding the pieces in half and cutting/rounding out the edges.

Now that we have a circle, use a threaded needle to secure the center with a couple of stitches.

Once secured, lift the first layer of tissue paper and fold into petal shape. Repeat this for each piece.

Flower shape should now be visible. Fluff flower by gently separating pieces to form flower. Once in desired shape take scissors and cut small slits into the flower to create petal look.

See video for reference. I was able to make 4 flowers out of mine in under 10 minutes.

The best part about these paper flowers is that you can use any color of tissue paper and create decor for other types of parties/celebrations.

Here's a peak at our ofrenda after the kids added their gifts (offerings). 🧡

Peace and love be with you all. Feliz dia de los muertos!

Xx Dee


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