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How's your faith these days?

Not a typical everyday question, but I want to know; How's your faith?

Have you found a faith?

What are you seeking?

What is the purpose of your existence?

What are you looking for?

We were asked these questions in church a couple weeks back, and encouraged to write our responses down followed by the words, "Thy will be done".

Yes, this sounds religious, but faith is the simple act of believing. Believing that anything and everything is possible. Believing that there's a higher power, aiding and guiding our current realities into the dreams we so vividly see in our minds. Perspectively speaking, the art of manifesting, and the law of attraction also work this way... Write goals down, create vision boards and believe. The missing element in all this tends to be "thy will be done".

We spend much of our time trying our best to control things. Careers, relationships, feelings, outcomes. We work so hard to control outcomes. Everything around us tells us that if we work hard and apply ourselves we can achieve and attain what we want... That we can control the outcome. Although I believe hard work and better choices can definitely guide us into better circumstances or opportunities, I also know that disappointment is very likely. We humans are easily disappointed when our expectations are not met. We're often disappointed by the things that don't go our way; "My" way. We don't always get what we want though. Not because we don't want it hard enough, but simply because, Thy will be done. We're not in control of all outcomes. Free will and other people exist. We can't possibly control everything.

The blessing of faith is that things will work out in the end. That means, it goes beyond what we see, what we think, or what we know . Beyond our biggest, and wildest dreams. Intuition, epiphanies, semiotics, all those little signs that come together at the right moment and feel like they're meant to be... That's God to me. That's my reassurance. That's my faith. It took me a long time to reach this point though. I wasn't always listening or viewing things this way. In simple terms, I was too busy trying to control my way through life. Too busy assuming, too busy overthinking, and too busy overreacting. That's how "controlling things" worked for me. Somehow I knew everything without knowing anything at all. It was complete mental exhaustion which often left me feeling disappointed and alone.

Life doesn't work that way these days. I got tired of my own crap. Change came when I decided to believe in something greater than myself, and stopped giving in to disappointment and failure. They're just a part of the process. We may leave those things out of vision boards and affirmations but we are not above them. They will happen and when they happen, redirect the mind to view said disappointment as part of a bigger a picture. Believe that it needs to be or happen for the better good. You may not understand or see the bigger picture YET, but trust in the possibilities beyond the moment... Have faith.

Xx Dee


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