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Last week one of our supervisors asked us to do a gratitude inventory check while we were on break. If you've browsed around here, you know I appreciate this kind of task. So, here I am gratitude checking (a week later).

Home Cooked Meals

Four years ago I was struggling to cook my family dinner on a regular basis. The corporate world took a lot of personal time away from me; from us. Long work days depleted me, and cooking dinner was the last thing I wanted to when I got home. Here I am 9 months into pandemic life cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner.


It took me 12 years to launch this blog. As insecure as I was about it, I utilized time as my ultimate excuse. Pandemic life gave me the time I needed to commit and execute on my dream. The excuse was gone. I was also unemployed the first couple of months. This creative outlet became my sanity. I also dream(ed) of working from home and doing this full time. I may not be paying my bills with blogging but truthfully, most of the time I don't even realize I'm not a paid. In my mind, I already am.


With 4 kids being home, the chores around here are never ending. I dislike the housework. I really do. They hear me gripe all day long, but you know what? It has never been this clean and organized. Better yet, I don't have to waste my days off cleaning anymore. I used to dread wasting my weekend on chores. Being home blurs that looking forward to the weekend mentality for me. I take one day at a time.

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning is exhausting. It requires a lot of multitasking and lot of reminders. BUT,

the mental exhaustion from remembering lunches, coats and everything else in the morning is gone. There's no rushing out the door in a hurry. There's no unexpected traffic or emergency gas station stops because I forgot to get gas the night before. I don't have to drop off or pick up 4 kids at 4 different schools. The hurry is gone and I like it. I actually like it. There's also joy in the growth and development of my children. I know they don't appreciate it as much as I do, but I love them being home with me like this. These moments will come and go before we all know it.

As much as 2020 has taken from me, it has equally given to me. Quality time, family dinners and working on a goal; I prayed for these moments. Hardship and sacrifice came along too, but such is life. We're not immune to those things. Focus on what you DO have. An abundant life starts with a grateful heart. Take note of the goodness around you. There's something to be grateful for.

Xx Dee

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