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Being stuck at home all day everyday has been a little tiresome. Mostly because I can’t get away from home life... the cooking, the cleaning. Not to mention the dishes. The friggin dishes!

We have 4 kids. The house is loud and chaotic until bedtime. The need for adult time is real. Once a week (minimum) we try to escape the kids and have some Mom and Dad time. We’ve had to get creative while being limited to our house. In fact most of things listed below we did without realizing it was “date” worthy. By date worthy I mean we escaped the kids and had some time alone. That’s why we go on dates in the first place. If you're trying to escape the kids or do something out of the new normal, this is what we came up with.

1. Have morning coffee together.

We wake up an hour or two before the kids in order to do this. Sometimes we sit at the kitchen table and discuss stocks. Sometimes we sit outside and talk about weird dreams. It's about enjoying the silence of the morning together.

2. At home mimosa brunch.

Mimosas made at home are so good! You get to pick your own juices and your favorite champagne. You can't go wrong here. I prefer this over any restaurant brunch. It’s also a great Mother’s Day or Birthday idea. Hint hint. If you have older kids...feed the kids first and then send them away to do something non distributive while you eat and sip.

3. Watch the sunset.

I love sunsets. I get lost in the sunset almost everyday. I got a speeding ticket once for looking at the sunset. The officer asked why I was going so fast and I truthfully replied I was lost in the beautiful sunset. I pointed up and all. He wasn’t amused. Anyway, get a drink and go outside to gaze up at the sky together. You can take a walk around the neighborhood or even drive up to a scenic point in your area. Pause and reflect on the beauty around you. Be present with each other.

4. Candlelight dinner or bath.

Why candles though? I think they add a touch of romance. There’s something about candlelight that feels intimate. What you do after dinner or a bath is up to you. If you have kids, feed them first and send them to bed. If that’s not possible try the candlelight bath after bedtime.

5. Sit in the car and listen to music.

We actually did this the other night. It was 8 or 9 and the kids were still awake. We grabbed a drink and went outside. Before we knew it, we were sitting in the car in our driveway listening to music. It was like we were 17 all over again. The kids had no idea where we were and they didn’t bother to look for us either.

6. Workout together.

Our little home gym is in the garage which allows us to escape. I enjoy the workout time as a couple because we listen to podcasts which usually leads to some pretty deep conversations. Ultimately date nights are about connection and those type of conversations.

7. Create a bucket list (or vision board).

In lieu of connection, having couple goals is as important as having individual goals. I suggest grabbing some wine too.

8. His/Hers movie nights.

Pick his and her movies to watch on designated days. The Notebook was on the other night when the Hubs mentioned he’d never seen it before. I realized I never pick the movies we watch. Insert his and her movie nights.

Remember, dates are about connecting. One on one time as partners, friends and lovers. One night we had leftovers with 7-11 champagne at midnight. Nothing crazy. Just us.

Keep it simple, enjoy and stay safe out there.


Xx Mr. & Mrs. Dee


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