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It's summer! It's hot! It's shorts season!

The other day I was asked how my legs were so silky. I laughed. It was more of a humble giggle. I appreciated the complement but I paid a pretty penny for the so called silkiness.

Back when I was working in corporate America, making a decent salary, I splurged on laser hair removal. I had thick dark coarse hair. So dark that the hair follicles were always noticeable. I swear hair grew overnight! I shaved every day. I was also prone to ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

I hated everything about the situation. Insert laser hair removal.

My friend recommended a local small business. The price point was one of the best in town and I jumped on it. I was immediately impressed. The location, the staff, the attention to detail was one of kind.

What to know:

  • Shaving is still required. Treated areas require shaving the night before.

  • No tanning or sun exposure between treatments. (It's hard but doable).

  • No waxing, plucking or dying treated areas. Only shaving!

  • No laser over tattoos.

  • Skincare and vitamin regimes might need to be changed.

  • Hormonal changes can affect results.

  • Maintenance and follow up treatments will be needed.

In total, I had 4 areas done.

Half Legs (lower portion) - I don't have dark coarse hair on my thighs. It's thinner and finer in that area. I felt that I could accomplish my desired look and save money by doing the lower half.

Toes - I hated the hairs on my toes. One or two strands was enough for me to dislike them for life. The salon I went to offered feet and toes as one package so the tops of my feet were done as well.

Brazilian - I initially asked for bikini removal but that only removes hair outside the panty line. I needed more than that. Since the area is priced as "Bikini or Brazilian" I opted for the Brazilian but they only work on the shaved areas. If you decide to keep a landing strip, you absolutely can. Same for your bum. You decide how much Brazilian to get.

Underarms - This is my favorite transformation! Yes smooth legs and VGs are cool but let me tell you how much smoother and clearer my pits are! I was a little self conscious with the darkness and hair follicle visibility in that area. Laser completely removed that. I am extremely impressed with the change (see picture below).

How often do you go?

It depends on the treated area. Some areas require 4-6 weeks between sessions while others require 6-8 weeks. I scheduled my appointments every 6 weeks to conquer all areas at one appointment. It was a matter of convenience for me.

How many sessions did it take?

In total I did 10 and 12 sessions per area. I did 12 sessions for legs and Brazilian and 10 sessions for underarms, feet and toes.

Does it hurt?

It's laser. Yes, it hurts. It varies by the area though. Legs don't feel too bad. Neither do toes and feet. Armpits are pretty sensitive and oh em gee the VG is extra sensitive! It hurt me. Some people describe the pain as snapping rubber bands on skin. I disagree. Maybe on large areas like legs but the pulses are a little too fast to compare to that. I think the pain resembles the burning sensation of a tattoo. If you have a tattoo you might understand that feeling.

It has been around 2 years since my last laser appointment. I was in the "maintenance stage" when I stopped going. I was due back every 12 weeks for maintenance. My finances changed and it became a luxury I could no longer afford. Maybe one day I'll splurge on it again but in the meantime, I'm ok with how things are going. There is a slight increase in hair growth but it's not thick and coarse like before. It's really fine and manageable with a cheap razor. I also shave when I remember to. That's how thin and fine the regrowth is. I hardly notice it. This applies to the bikini area as well. I'd say 75% of the hair is gone and the 25% that grows back still allows me to wear a swimsuit without any worries. I am fine with the regrowth at this point. I was warned about the possibilities and the need to upkeep.

So was it worth it?

For me it is. I have no regrets. My legs are smooth and shaving is the least of my concerns even on hot summer days. If you live in Las Vegas, I'll link my salon below. Not sponsored just sharing. My two cents; research salons and find a place that you're comfortable with. You should feel safe and secure with your experience.

Xx Dee


Me trying to show y'all my armpits. Pretty even complexion in there. Laser did that.


Shoes: Puma Cali (amazon affiliate #commissionssearned)


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