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It's 1/20/21. It's Inauguration Day in America.

The stars aligned for me this morning. I am off and I am up early. There's coffee in my hands, freshly made peanut butter cookies on my plate and my little girl is beside me. My only daughter. I'm in awe. I'm crying. This moment is truly a dream come true for the little girl in me. Madam Vice President, our first Black South Asian Woman Vice President will be sworn in by our first Latina Supreme Court Justice. Wow.

As an American woman of Mexican descent, this is a historic moment. It gives me fortitude. I hope the children of the world see these images and realize the possibilities. There are people like you working tirelessly to show you how much you can do!

Little girls of the world; Anything is possible. Change is possible. Believe in yourself. Believe in the possibility. There's strength all around you even when it doesn't feel like it. This I promise. Hope starts in your mind and grows in your heart. Hold it tight. Let it guide you and protect you, always. Let the recipe of hard work, kindness and compassion take you wherever you dream, wherever you believe. From this moment on, you won't know an America without a woman leading the way. Our people are diverse and beautiful just like you. ❤️

Dream BIG my babies.

Dreams come true.


Photo Credit: Solus "Boxing Ballerina" Manhattan's Lower East Side

(photo taken by me '19)

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