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Are you manifesting?

Do you know how to manifest?

How do you manifest?

To manifest is to make clear or evident. In the spiritual sense, it is when a thought or idea becomes real.

I was first introduced to the concept when I read The Secret. (This isn't a book review). If you've never read or heard of The Secret, it is essentially the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts and energy projected into the world will create your reality...good and bad. If you're a constant negative pessimistic thinker, you'll attract more negativity. If you're an optimistic positive thinker, you'll attract more positivity.

I read this a few years back and didn't fully understand it. I associated it all to tangible materialistic things. I had to do a lot more reading, learning and reflecting to fully grasp the weight of manifestation. And guess what? It's true. When we were broke living in the hood dreaming about owning a house, we discussed in detail what our supposed house would look like. The rooms, the need for an office, the overall layout. A handful of years later and an out of state move, our house is exactly the way we pictured it to be. We didn't build a custom home. We bought a foreclosure after being denied several offers for other cash offers. This little realization is what opened my eyes to manifesting. When I focus and work for the things I want with good intention, they present themselves (eventually). I didn't believe this to be true before. I wasn't looking for it. I wasn't paying attention, let alone reflecting on ways my words and thoughts came true.

Now, if you've read Mindfulness 101 you know that paying attention is the basis of awareness and mindfulness. The same applies here. Paying attention to the things you say and let out into the universe is crucial in manifesting. What you say, how you say it and why you say it, ALL matter. You’re manifesting all day long. Ever pray for strength and get another hurdle? Not what you intended but it's in fact what you asked for, "more strength".

So, be clear and precise with what you want (just like the house). Work toward the goal/desire. Action is just as important here. You need to work on goals and toward goals like you already have it all going on. Trust the process and don't fog your vision with negative and pessimistic attitudes. Stop focusing on the things you haven’t received and the things you don't have (yet). It’s counterproductive. The opposite of what you want is being spoken. Focus on what you DO have and what CAN still happen. Let persistence, patience and faith carry you through.

If you’re a list person, write your wants/desires down. Some people write in journals and others do bucket lists. I'm not a fan of writing lists. I write for fun or when I need to. I don't want to write my goals like a grocery list... Insert vision boards. I was browsing vision board ideas on Pinterest when it hit me, Pinterest is my vision board. Why do I need to cut up magazines or waste paper on things the internet provides for free. Think about it, Pinterest has amazing content from around the world! It brings my wanderlust soul so much joy when I see the possibilities already in full existence.

I decided to create a virtual Vision Board “Board” to help me see my goals and desires everyday. In a matter of days my entire feed was consumed by Pins aligned with my higher self vision. I'm surrounded with my desires and the possibility of attaining them because I see them. This is how it works. This is manifesting. See it. Believe it. Work for it.

Get your social media feeds working for you. Don't get caught up in the media frenzy or consumed by the never ending marketing going on. Create feeds that represent what you're working towards.

Dream big friends.

Xx Dee

P.S. My photo was taken in Uruapan.

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