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How do you mentally pick yourself up?

Last week I shared that I was feeling overwhelmed and how my emotions were getting the best of me. The idea was to shed light on the importance of processing and checking in on yourself as you would with others. How are you doing? How are you feeling? How are you coping? What do you need right now?

Dealing with negative emotions and anxieties is tough. This week, I want to elaborate on how I talk myself through these kind of moments and mentally pick myself up.

Practicing mindfulness is the biggest factor coming into play when I'm feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. My two cents: Try to understand what's happening from the outside looking in.

In order to understand my thoughts and feelings, I ask myself why? Why am I feeling this way? Why am I thinking this thought? I don't accept "I don't know" from myself. That's my cop out response. I know that much. So why? What's really going on? Regardless of the response, I continue to ask myself why? Doing this is my way of letting it all out. I used to bottle things in until I exploded. This is how I overcame that behavior... When I'm done addressing the whys, I remind myself that it's ok. It's always ok. I'm flawed, I'm human but I'm living and breathing. I'm ok. That basic reassurance is simple self-compassion and super important here. At the end of the day, I think we're all trying our best.

In addition to this repetitive "It's ok, I'm ok" mantra, I think of the things that I'm grateful for. My family, a home, a fridge with food... Anything good. Replacing negative emotions and thoughts with gratitude, is ultimately how I gain control of my thoughts to get myself out of these ruts. We CAN control our thoughts, remember Mindfulness 101? Redirect that negativity to positivity. Seeking and viewing life through the lens of gratitude shifts the mind to look for more gratitude. By default it forces me to focus on the present and the good things in my life until the negativity is out of sight and out of mind. I'm convinced that gratitude is waiting to be consumed like this. Waiting to take over negativity. Waiting to give you more to be grateful for.

Controlling your thoughts requires talking to yourself. Don't feel discouraged if it feels like never ending self reminders or endless crazy talk. That's the point. You're in control! Being aware of the person thinking and the person directing the thinking is the first step. This internal banter with yourself is awareness a.k.a. mindfulness.

Whatever your season of life looks like, remember to be kind to yourself and wear your gratitude lens. If it's not in your control, let it go, even if you have to remind yourself to do so all day long.

Life is so much greater surrendered to gratitude and the present. Walk gently friends.

Xx Dee


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