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It’s May. Can you believe it’s May? Wow. That means Mother’s Day is near and soon.

According to Siri Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10. We have 10 shopping days friends. I lost track of days, the date and I’m last minute shopping. There’s a lot going on out in the world right now. Times are tough and gifting might be especially low on the priority list. Instead of focusing on big, expensive, luxury items, I went with shippable, simple & thoughtful gestures. Most items are under $20. By most I mean all but one. It’s the thought that counts. Remember that.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Xx Dee

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I love coffee. I love mugs. I love Mom coffee mugs. Drink from it. Decorate the desk or hold makeup brushes with it. They're a reliable and precious gift option.

What's a coffee without a spoon? I LOVE this spoon. I miss having coffee with my Mom. It's the best part about going home.

These remind me of my Mom. They're dainty and cute like her. You really can't go wrong with jewelry on Mother's Day.

More dainty jewelry but so chic and versatile. I asked the Hubs to get me a few pairs for my own gift. They come in white and rose gold as well.

This idea is super cute and it works for daughters of all ages.

I got this little jewelry tray for my Mom. As we both get older, I just want her to know and remember that I love her.

If your Mom is into journaling or scripture devotionals, this is a perfect little journal under $10. The one shown is a paperback journal but there is a spiral option available.

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