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I've been meaning to do this post for a few months but virtual learning and work have been getting the best of me. As we enter our final weeks of 2020, I decided to work really hard at completing things on my to do list. So here we are, talking about books again.

For Mother's Day, the Hubs gifted me a pair of wireless headphones that came with a 3 month subscription to Audible. Thanks to this subscription, I listened to 3 new books for free. It's basically one book per month. Every 30 days Audible issued a credit for a new download. If you don't have time to get through the book in a month, the book stays in your library even when the subscription expires! This is a win for me. I like to go back and reference things. Although I'm not sure I love the audio book world, I do like the convenience it provides. I played these books every time I mopped, scrubbed toilets and worked out. Cleaning was miraculously enjoyable and somehow I felt less lonely working out. Weird? Maybe, but it is nice to just listen once in awhile.

Instead of doing a book "review" I rather share how I received these books. How they affected my mind; my thoughts and feelings. My two cents.

Here are the books I listened to:

I waited awhile to read this book. It's surprisingly long. The audio version is over 18 hours of listening time. I got through the bulk of it while painting our patio. It was a few days of tedious work lightened by Michelle Obama's voice (literally narrated by her). This was the first memoir I've ever read too. Politics aside, I was fascinated by her story. Her humble upbringing, her scholastic achievements and her personal struggles with judgement and doubt, all resonated with me. I too come from nothing. I too have goals and aspirations. I too have been judged for what I look like, what I sound like. The difference between us is that I gave up on myself for many, many years, she didn't. She pushed through and she worked to do the things others said she couldn't do. I must admit, I felt bad about myself a lot more than I expected with this book. BUT, I also found hope and the burning desire to become more. I find the underlying message here to be the continuous evolution of self. We are not destinations and we shouldn't strive to be. Change is constant. Growth is constant. There's always hope in becoming more. You will become more. That's the beauty of life and experience.

For me the guarantee in this book is that life will knock us down a time or two. In my experience; A LOT. It's inevitable. Hardship and challenges will occur. Expect to fail in my opinion. It's OK. All the times life knocked you down and kicked the heck out of you, that's your beautiful story. That's your voice. Lets embrace the lessons we've learned and have the courage to be vulnerable to SHARE them with others. Your gifts are your lessons! Pay them forward. Share it all. It's okay. Someone needs your voice.

Spirituality is relatively new to me. I learned about Deepak Chopra from Super Soul Sunday. I can't possibly do him justice with my words though.

This little book provided me with a lifetime of wisdom. As Deepak would say, this book could be called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Life. The key lesson and reminder here is that nothing is static in life. The universe is constantly moving. The energy within us is constantly moving. We are in constant exchange with these energy sources as well. Cause and effect. Giving and receiving. Karma and dharma. The sooner we become aware of these forces the sooner we understand the balance of life. Let go of the things weighing you down, they only keep you there. Accept what is in your immediate control. Peace of mind is mental work that starts with acceptance. Take care of your mind and the rest will follow.

These books inspire me to view life through lenses I've never truly worn before. Somehow the trials and tribulations of my life make a little more sense and there's a purpose for it all; my evolution.

Peace & Love,

Xx Dee


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