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Quarantine has led to some pretty good skin days and I love it! Let's talk skincare.

I have combination skin. I tend to experience oiliness in my T-zone area with some dryness around my lips and nose. I think those areas are just a little more sensitive and need extra hydration. I have pores like most people do. Mostly on my nose. I have some fine lines around my eyes and smile lines to die for (I'm being sarcastic). I'm pretty sure I'm fighting genetics with those.

My biggest skin issue was scaring and brown spots. I swear each time I birthed a baby added more brown spots to my face. I also had some acne problems back in the day and I am prone to scaring.

When I was a splurging working Mama I had 2 vampire facials done. Did it help? Yes. It did help with scaring but it does not prevent new scaring or acne. Here lies the problem, I can't afford to keep up with the PPL and micro-needling facials. In fact, when I stopped working I had to find a brand new skincare routine...a cheap one. I've always followed some type of skincare regimen. It consisted of anything I was willing to try or pay for. Not a good idea. I didn't realize how bad this was for my skin until I changed it all up.

Insert Andalou Naturals to the rescue. Two things attracted me to Andalou, cruelty free ingredients and affordability. I basically replaced my entire day/night routines for a fraction of my overpriced routine. Seriously! I swear if I could do it all over again, I would have wasted all that money on paying off my mortgage. You live and learn friends. Live and learn.

Andalou Naturals can be found online. Amazon usually has the best prices. Sometimes Pharmaca has a coupon code and if you're lucky, your local TJ Maxx might carry the brand.

Here's my routine breakdown;


As mentioned above, I have combo skin. I used to buy cleansers suited for acne prone skin. That is a no-no for me. They dry me out! My combo skin does so much better with this old faithful. I use it morning and night. I double cleanse on nights I wear makeup with these facial sponges from Amazon (40 count pack for $10-ish).


This is a spray and mist toner. Shake, spray and dry. It was weird at first but now I don't mind. I brush my hair while I wait for it to dry. (Wash hands before touching face again.)

Eye Serum:

I have very light fine lines around my eyes. I can't say that this does or does not help in any way since I've been using eye creams for 15+ years. Lets say that dedication and consistency is what has shown me grace in the eye area. I do like that it's in a squeeze tube though.


Layer serum after eye cream day and night. I don't have any issues with this one, I like it but I think it may be time for some retinol. I'm getting older. I'll keep you posted if I change it.

Moisturizer (Morning):

This is another old faithful. I've been using it since I saw it on Dr. Oz back in 2012 when it was labeled "Timeless Skin". It moisturizes and it's inexpensive. I buy a double pack from Amazon for around $12. Cheap stuff but it works for me. I layer it under my spf day cream. I also use it on my neck, chest and hands day and night. This why I keep buying it.

I live in Las Vegas, wearing SPF is a must. This is the only SPF cream I've used that doesn't cause a breakout. It's not the most hydrating stuff for combination skin so I layer it over St. Ives.

Moisturizer (Night)

At night I switch to a heavier cream. This is my favorite night cream thus far. It's thick yet creamy and light. My face soaks it up well. In the winter I'll add a layer of facial oil or Vitamin E facial cream around my nose and lips.

Exfoliation (Weekly)

This mask has helped me with overall skin texture and scaring. I try to do a good steam facial at home followed by this mask at least once a month. If I am too lazy for the steam routine, I still do the mask portion every other week. I alternate with the Andalou 1000 Roses Mask. It's for sensitive skin and cream based for my dryer skin moments.

If you did the math here, kudos. Everything listed is under $100. Include the facial sponges or the second rose mask and you're under $110. I used to spend that on Sanitas Peel Pads or Clinique Repair Serum...they're not worth the price in my opinion. Andalou's saved my skin and my wallet.

Hope this helps.

Xx Dee

Side note: Forgot to list the Vitamin E cream I mentioned above. It works for dry hands and feet too. I keep one in my bag and in my car in the winter. Also, Botanics products can be found at Target. This one was a gift and I've been using it as my travel cleanser.

Amazon links are affiliated. #commissionssearned Thank you for your support!


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