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There's so much joy and gratitude in my heart right now. Y'all, this blog journey has been a long time coming. Doubt and fear kept me from pursuing this for many (many) years. Even when I mustered the courage to start, I still had to work through doubt and insecurity. Crap, I still do! Putting yourself out there is scary. Deciding to go for it, and figure it out a long the way felt foolish. But you know what? Not trying is foolish. It's not easy but it's possible when you try.

Two months ago Amazon sent me a notification that my affiliate account would be terminated if I did not reach the required qualified purchases to maintain the associate relationship. When I first started out, the required purchases felt doable. I was hopeful. I figured I'd recommend things I love and use. It seemed like enough time and people online make it look incredibly easy (lol). Maybe it is for some, but not for me. Getting readers is hard, period. I was approaching the deadline this month and I told myself; "one day I'll get to decide who to work with just like these companies do". I was being a little petty but kind of serious... You know? I was hurt. Affiliate partnerships are essentially how people make blogging a part time or full time gig. I wanted more time to prove I could do it but I also wasn't going to dwell on Amazon cutting me off. A few days after this conversation with myself, a purchase went through. It wasn't all the purchases needed but it was a start. That was progress. That was enough, at least, I tried. How can I be upset with effort? The very next day, 2 purchases were made and I had the required purchases needed to maintain the affiliate account. I'm in awe. Anything is truly possible (even at the very end).

Look friends, I share this to tell you not to give up on your dreams or yourself! Ever! I'm sure I'll have to revisit this from time to time to remind myself, but seriously, don't dwell on time, or the things not working in your favor. Try something new, and focus on an outcome that allows you to be in control of your destiny; Your mind! Redirect your thoughts. Remind yourself that there are infinite possibilities and believe! With or without them (Amazon or any other affiliate), we will achieve our goals. This is the mindset we use going forward. We're doing this.

Xx Dee


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