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We made it to October. It's October. Can you believe it?


Pandemic life is still in full swing 6 months later. One of my greatest lessons this year has been letting go. Letting go of the old. Letting go of expectations. Trying to pinpoint this things does not serve me.

This new way of life is still rough for us. Especially for me, "Mom". My days are consumed by virtual learning and work. I was able to find a little remote gig with our district. It's temporary and hectic as heck but such is life.

So, how's virtual learning going?

Well... it's going. I tried to plan for it but none of it went as planned. We have 4 kids in 4 different schools. Organized chaos explains it best. Everyone has something different going on. We're adjusting and doing our best to stay on track. And by best I mean, I'm fishing through emails and notifications every single day totally helicoptering the crap out of these kids.

My oldest is a senior. This isn't what he expected for senior year. He is anxious to get back to school and back to sports. My new freshman on the other hand, doesn't mind. Her reasoning, "I don't know anyone at my school anyway". I feel that. Being a freshman at a new school is tough. Our middle child is testing me. I have to double, triple check his work all day, every day. He's a smart boy, just lazy. I feel for you if you too have a smart, lazy child. Insert that face palm emoji and maybe a crying one too. The baby of the family is a kindergartner! An exclamation mark does not do that situation justice. My days consists of running to his aide and muting work calls. Getting him to focus and pay attention to the teacher and not every squiggly child on his screen, has been hard. He picked up a fidgeting habit out of the blue too. Crayons, pencils, blocks, whatever is near him will get played with. I'm hoping it will get easier soon. He's bound to get the hang of it all. That much I know. Having a senior in the house keeps things in perspective. Life with little children is temporary. It's a blessing even when it doesn't feel like it.

While my days are crazier than ever, I'm creating routines for chores and daily tasks. I said I was letting go (lol). There's just no sense in getting all worked up over house work right now. (I'm going to have to read this to myself because it sure is easier said than done). I'm picking up the house every night before bed and get a load of laundry done too. I dislike laundry piling up and I like to focus on the heavy duty cleaning Thursday and Friday nights. Night time cleaning is so much easier when the kids go to bed. It's becoming me time. A podcast or a nightcap to unwind.

I also finished reading 3 new books. My goals is mini reviews but it might be a combo recap post similar to the Quarantine Reads post. It depends on how the writing flows out. We shall see.

I hope you all are well, surviving whatever your season of life looks like. My two cents, let go of what used to be. It just is what it is right now. Stop that "new normal" stuff. Be easy on yourself and try to find some time for your self care. Remember, this too shall pass.

Xx Dee



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