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A couple of weeks ago, my husband shared an interaction he experienced while out and about downtown San Diego.

He was at a bar waiting for his flight home when a stranger approached him and nonchalantly asked if he was “Latino”? Confused and slightly shocked with the question, my husband replied, “yes”. The man continued to ask if he was from San Diego. When he informed him that he was in fact from the area, the stranger rattled on a list of nearby neighborhoods seemingly questioning which barrio he was from. Taken back, my husband clarified that he was simply from Chula Vista.

They shared a laugh and the man expressed his fondness for both Chula Vista and my husband’s tattoos. He told him how he grew up surfing in San Diego and always liked Chula Vista. Not knowing where the conversation was going, my husband asked him about surfing. The man disclosed how he was 70 years old and spent his entire life surfing. He never married, he didn’t have any children and he never had a real job outside of his time pro surfing. He dedicated his entire life to himself, his interest and chasing the perfect wave.

He was 69 years old when he finally encountered the perfect wave. Finally, his dream came true! His excitement and joy quickly faded. A mere 20 yards in… He fell.

“I lived my life for myself and I waited my entire life for the perfect wave. I was 69 years old when I finally got it and you know what? I failed. I wasn't prepared. I spent my entire life waiting for this wave... and it lasted 20 yards before I fell and crashed. I wasn’t perfect… but I’m happy I got to do it”.

I don't know much about surfing but I do know that individual experience and skill level are the most common factors in determining "the perfect wave". This man basically waited decades to encounter something he imagined and dreamed of. It took him 69 years of effort and accepting his own imperfection to finally realize that he lived out his dream. Look, dreams don’t come with an expiration date, let alone a fulfillment date. Period. Stop rushing life darling. Be patient and keep riding the waves.

Xx Dee

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