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This quick bite came to be by adding mini naan into this week's meal rotation. We grabbed a pack on sale at Costco and tried something a little different.

If you're tracking macros, remember to calculate according to individual labels. Naan has some fiber but can be easily replaced with a higher fiber/lower carb option.

Here's a breakdown of tonight's meal...


2lbs chicken tenders

shredded lettuce

diced tomato

red onion

Chipotle Marinade

1/4 cup olive oil

1 orange juiced

3 garlic cloves minced

3 chipotle peppers chopped

1 tsp adobo seasoning

salt & pepper to taste

Light Chipotle Sauce

1/4 cup light mayo

1/4 cup fat free milk

3-4 chipotle peppers

1/2 tsp bouillon (or salt/pepper to taste)



In a large mixing bowl, add chicken tenders, olive oil, minced garlic, the juice of one orange and 3 chopped chipotle peppers. Sprinkle about 1 tsp of adobo seasoning followed by salt and pepper to taste. Combine well and marinate for at least 30 minutes.

While chicken is marinating prep chipotle sauce. Add mayo, milk, chipotle peppers and bouillon to blender. For thinner consistency add one tbsp of milk at a time until desired consistency. For spicer sauce, add more chipotle peppers. I start with 3, and usually end up with 4 or 5.

Add another tbsp of olive oil to a large pan over medium high heat. Add chicken and cook for about 6-7 minutes on each side. Chicken should be golden and reach internal temp of 165 degrees. Rest chicken for 5 minutes before chopping.

Warm naan bread according to package instructions. Serve as taco by layering chopped chicken, lettuce, sliced red onion, diced tomatoes, and top with chipotle sauce.

YouTube Short: here


Xx Dee


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