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I can't believe I am writing this. Where has time gone? As mentioned a few times this past year, our oldest is off to college very, very, soon. He will be immersing himself in this experience by leaving town and living on campus. Trust me, I'm crying inside.

This is a new experience for us. We had our children early and completed college as parents. Planning and budgeting his education this way is a true blessing. I say that to encourage you to remember such opportunity as a blessing. College is expensive and living on campus comes with added cost. It can easily become overwhelming and stressful. Our goal is to keep his dorm clean, functional and organized within a $100 budget. Ikea was our first thought; small, effective, and inexpensive. We still have some items to get but this is what we found at Ikea.

All the items pictured above were purchased for $35. Here's a breakdown of each item and it's intended purpose.

This is going to sit on the sink/vanity area to hold dish soap, hand soap, and a small dish sponge.

I know an overflow of dishes won't be common, but cups and flatware will definitely be used. This mat is lightweight, foldable, and small enough to be stored behind the utensil rack above.

We got two of these little washcloths to keep near the sink. Just a personal preference but decently priced. FYI; We already have a set of bath towels for him. Don't forget those.

The idea is for this to go in the shower room to hold soaps and shampoos. There's enough shelving to hold everyone's soaps. It looked sturdy enough in store but we shall see. If it doesn't work there, it will go in the toilet room to hold extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

I grabbed this with K-cups in mind. It has a lid so anything gives here.

Dröna Box - $3.99

We got 3 of these boxes for the closet. One to store laundry detergent and the other two for whatever doesn't fit in the closet.

Self explanatory. Someone will have to clean the toilet. These are cheap and effective. I buy these for myself all the time.

Since Ikea's are limited in the states here are some alternatives. Take some type of cart(s) or shelving to store items on the vanity and in the shower and toilet rooms. If you're sharing in a gym style bathroom, get a caddy to carry toiletries.

I hope this helps. We still have some shopping to do but in the meantime, remember to keep it small, organized and functional.

Peace & Love,

Xx Dee


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