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As we enter the holiday season and our 8th month of pandemic life, escaping our stay at home routine felt long overdue.

We initially planned for the ocean but a long drive with 4 kids isn't an ideal weekend road trip for us. We opted for a shorter drive to Zion (Utah) instead. I am so glad we chose the canyons over the ocean. It was absolutely perfect and therapeutic.

Nothing compares to the sight of mother nature in all her glory. She calms every ounce of my spirit. My worries are so small in her presence. She is peace. She is infinite possibility. Rain or shine, Utah is gorgeous. It's breathtaking.

The Virgin River is currently contaminated with harmful bacteria/toxins so we admired from afar. The kids kept going back to this stream just to watch and listen. Seeing them interact and surrender to nature like that is a memory I'll cherish forever. They needed this trip more than we did. They haven't stopped talking about it. My heart is full.

There are plenty of hiking trails and routes in Zion. The possibilities are endless here. We have a 5 year old and decided on a moderate beginner friendly trail. Watchman Trail is located near the oversized vehicle parking lot near the Visitor Center. It's fairly easy to find with the help of these signs.

In all, it took us about 3 hours round trip. Little one needed a few rest breaks for water and a snack. It was his first time "climbing mountains" as he says. He's a trooper for sure. I'm so proud of him. Yes, it's stressful hiking with him. Hubs and I were worried the entire time but we pushed through. He pushed through. He did it and he made sure we all knew how "big he is now".


Things We Did:

Watchman Trail

Pa'rus Trail (paved trail along the river)

Zion Scenic Drive

The Virgin Trading Post (the kids loved this place)


There are plenty of hotel and lodging options in the area. I can't possibly recommend a place to stay. There's so much to see. If you need help searching for a place to stay, here's my two cents; Zion is located in Springdale. If you seek canyon views, cabins or a resort vibe, look here. Hurricane is relatively close to Zion and Sand Hollow State Park (we did this last summer). If you're trying to do multiple things in the area, Hurricane is a good option. St. George is what I call the "city". It's approximately a 45 minute drive to the park/canyons. If you're doing a day trip and/or want city amenities, St. George is a solid choice.


If I can encourage one thing to do by the end of the year, it's to pause, disconnect and reset. Go on a hike, a long walk or gaze at a body of water. I know the landscapes around us vary but by all means find some quiet time in the wonder of mother nature. Let her glory remind you of the beauty and hope around you.

Grace and peace be with you all.

Xx Dee

Here's a little something I wrote about the river.


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