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If you're looking for something quick and festive, this is for you. It's very much another Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade moment. I used store bought brownies, mini cookies, white chocolate, and candy eyeballs.

Here's a the breakdown of what I used:

Cosmic Brownies - The nut version is good too.

Mini Oreos - I just used an individual snack pack from the kid's lunch packs.

Candy Eyeballs - I found mine at Walmart but I also saw some at Albertsons.

Vegetable Oil



Remove brownies from individual wrappers and place on a cookie rack or platter. I also removed the cosmic chips. They come off fairly easy too. Just flick or gently roll off. Optional.

Melt chocolate chips however you choose. I melted mine in the microwave in a microwave safe mug for about 60 seconds. I paused at 30 seconds to stir. When melted, add a tiny dash of vegetable oil and stir well. This helps the chocolate spread evenly and it gives it that glossy shine.

With a spoon layer the chocolate over the brownies in a side to side motion. Drizzling the chocolate didn't workout for me. Spreading in a side to side motion got the job done.

Set eyes and done.

Let chocolate cool before eating.

FYI they are sweet. I kind of wish I had vanilla ice cream. Homemade brownies will work too.


Dip or smudge some chocolate on the Oreos and place one candy eyeball. Let chocolate cool before eating.

This little idea was random and in the moment. I had left over melted chocolate and remembered seeing mummy Oreos on Pinterest. I didn't have regular Oreos on deck but the kids' snack drawer had mini Oreos and boom it hit me; Googly eyes!

Be sure to check out the edible eye candy options below. Some are available for prime delivery.

Safe holiday friends! Hope you enjoy!

Xx Dee

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