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I know it's winter but shrimp tacos are a must around here especially after making a batch of the chipotle sauce I shared in the naan taco video/post. The goal with this recipe was to lighten up the traditional Baja style fried shrimp taco and make it under 30 minutes.




  • 1lb Shrimp

  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil

  • 2 Minced Garlic

  • Adobo Seasoning

  • Smoked Paprika

  • Cayenne Pepper

  • Salt & Pepper to taste

Before seasoning shrimp, remove excess moisture with paper towels. Properly drying shrimp helps seasoning stick and promotes even cooking.

I didn't measure spices/seasoning. Sprinkle what you like as much as you like. I personally like to see the paprika and cayenne pop. Keep in mind adobo seasoning has salt as well. Omit salt for lower sodium content.


In a mixing bowl, combine dried shrimp, olive oil, minced garlic, adobo seasoning, paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper. Mix well and marinate for 20-30 minutes.

In a large skillet, over medium high heat, add an additional tablespoon of olive oil and add an even layer of shrimp. You don't want to overcrowd the pan, if needed, cook shrimp in batches. Cook each side for approximately 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside. Shrimp cooks relatively fast, it's easy to forget so stay nearby. I recommend prepping toppings and warming tortillas while shrimp is marinating.

When shrimp is done assemble tacos as desired. We prefer shredded cabbage with shrimp, pico de gallo, chipotle sauce and a few dashes of EL Yucateco hot sauce for an added kick. A splash of lime juice works nicely too. Overall, this recipe made 6 tacos by using about a pound of shrimp (half of a 2lb bag of shrimp from Costco).

Light Chipotle Sauce linked here.



  • Be sure to check nutrition labels for accurate macros.

  • 8 pieces of shrimp has approximately 22g of protein, 0.5g of fat and 0g carbs

  • For lower carb, opt for low carb corn tortillas with fiber.


As the year comes to an end, I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude. Whether you're here from Youtube, Pinterest or search, thank you. ♡

Happy Holidays,

Xx Dee

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