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Spicy Shrimp

About us...

We lived in San Diego for years. We loved the beach life but we loved access to fresh seafood even more. We're missing San Diego right now. We had a road trip planned for Spring Break. Sigh. As we wait for things to get back to the regular, here's my take on Aguachiles.


FYI: You can adjust to your liking (especially the spiciness of the serranos.



2 lbs of raw shrimp (preferably large)

8-10 limes

1 lemon

3-6 serrano peppers (add more for extra spice)

2 sliced or cubed cucumbers

1 thinly sliced red onion

Cilantro (handful)

Salt & Pepper to taste




Avocado (topping)



Wash, peel, devein, rinse and butterfly shrimp. Butterfly means to slice down the back curve of the shrimp deep enough to divide into two connected halves.

Add shrimp to a mixing bowl. Salt and mix in 1-2 limes (juice) with the lemon (juice). Add a dash of black pepper for color. Mix. Set aside.


Rinse, wash and destem serranos. Add to a blender with cilantro and remaining lime juice. Blend on high. Salt to taste and taste for desired spiciness. If your spice tolerance is low, I suggest starting with 2-3 serranos and add (blend) one by one. If you’re like me, go all in.

Add red onion and cucumber to the shrimp and pour green salsa over the combo. Mix and taste for salt. Also, if you desire juicier shrimp now is the time to add another lime or lemon.

Chill or serve immediately. Shrimp is ready to eat when the lime has thoroughly cooked shrimp.

We serve on tostadas and top with avocado slices. The kids prefer theirs on saladitas (crackers), try both!

Xx Dee



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