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Mom of 4 here, I run off coffee. I count macros too which means eating more protein. This little combo is my favorite way to increase my intake. It can be made with espresso or chilled coffee. Decaf works too!

This recipe is for a shot of espresso. For coffee, use a cup of chilled coffee.


1-2 shot of espresso (or 1 cup of coffee)

1/2 cup ice

1 11oz Premier Protein Caramel Flavored (half bottle being used)


Make espresso 6-12 hours before. Making it the night before works well. Pour chilled espresso over 1/2 cup of ice. Add or decrease ice to your liking. Add half the bottle of protein. Stir and done. For stronger coffee taste decrease protein. For stronger protein taste add more protein. It's really up to your taste buds!

The best part? Flavor variety. Try the vanilla protein too! Chocolate works fine but it's not my go to. I prefer caramel and vanilla. Enjoy!

Xx Dee

This is the espresso I use. It's available in K-cups as well.


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