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Have you watched Arnold, the three part documentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger? If you haven't, there's a common ethos with Arnold, and it's as simple keeping busing, being useful and moving forward no matter what (failure and all).

The idea of sticking to something and never letting up, has been heavy on my mind lately. I haven't been blogging or doing much of anything since last winter. To be honest, it's that feeling of "who really reads this anyway" creeping in.

I've started a few projects over the years and the end result has been the same, at some point I stop working. I grow discouraged, weary, and ultimately stop believing. I give up instead of keeping busy, working and moving forward. I'm not alone here. Starting things without seeing them through is quite common. How many people do you know quitting their diets, workout regimens, school, business ideas, etc?

When I think of the steps needed to climb Mt. Everest (Arnold mentions this in the first episode) I realize there are two options. You can take small steps forward or stop. There's no stopping though. Stopping means descending. You have to go back down and start over. In short, every single time I stop working on a project, I start over. The expectation of progress is a bit frivolous. It's not logical if I keep going backwards instead of pushing forward.

As I'm coming to terms with my contradicting behavior and holding myself accountable (again), my husband's Dad asked him out to lunch. When he returned he shared something his Father told him. He said, "He told me to keep going, don't stop". We laughed because we immediately thought of Arnold. He expressed how his Dad quoted Arnold like five times without even knowing it. I've longed believed that the universe, God, or whatever higher power you believe in, speaks to me when I hear my thoughts and words being spoken back to me through others. I take my father-in-law's words to heart. Truly. I don't take these type of moments for granted. They're not semiotic or coincidence to me. They're rather monumental and I listen, I really listen. I dig deep for the lesson presented in front of me. My father-in-law telling my husband to keep going, and to keep working, and him telling me, is an obvious plea to keep moving forward and working on our projects. We can't stop. The results we desire come from constant movement forward not simply our will. Ever heard,"Faith without works is dead"?

I suppose this point in time feels like it's almost too good and overt for it to be some great transition in life. It truly feels like I'll quote this moment in which I genuinely took the hints around me and got my shit together in a memoir one day. I've been asking for clarity and it all clicks right now, the shows, the thoughts activating within me, the conversations and brainstorming with others, it all ends in one common theme, move forward, keep working on the ideas and projects.

Xx Dee


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