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Hi All! I’m back with an updated iced coffee routine.

It’s super easy and effective for anyone needing a little extra energy and/or protein throughout the day.

My two cents; use a tumbler cup and take this on the go with you.



Silk Ultra Almond Milk (protein)

Silk Vanilla Creamer (or creamer of choice - Natural Bliss is my backup)

Iced Coffee (of choice)


Combine 1 cup of Silk Ultra with 1 tablespoon of creamer and 1 cup of chilled coffee over ice. Stir and done. Adjust to your liking.

This little recipe is totally customizable. Use whatever you have on hand. Sometimes I brew an extra cup of coffee and just let it cool down before adding the rest of the ingredients. Sometimes I use shots of espresso and other times I use decaf. The point for me is getting extra protein wherever possible. Silk Ultra is less expensive than the premier protein I used to use. I shared that little trick last year. Click here for that one.

Where to find Silk Ultra

Finding this almond milk may be tricky. I only have access to Walmart Market, Target and Albertsons in my area. I have yet to see it at Albertsons. I find it at Walmart most of the time and occasionally see it at Target.

Enjoy! Xx Dee


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