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Tuesday's gone with the wind my friends... So much has happened since my last Tuesday Thoughts, I can't even remember when that actually was.

The past year and a half has been a season filled with loss, grief and lots of change. I wasn't one those people set off by Elmo's "how are you doing" post a few weeks back, but I can see why it struck a nerve with some. Life has been a series of changes and set backs for so long now. This space started during a global pandemic. A few short years later, life isn't back to normal or any kind of normal for that matter. The world is still on fire, people are stressed, frustrated, anxious, and completely willing to let it all out to a fictional character such as Elmo.

It's ok to not be ok. Let's start there. The good and the bad will always coexist. Life just works that way. It's called balance; yin and yang, remember that? Opposite but complimentary forces that cannot coexist without one another. That's how I view hardship and gratitude, especially in trying times.

When life hits the fan, remember the balance of life and don't define yourself by your circumstances. Like the wind, things come and go. This too shall pass.


When all else fails, I look up. The sky reminds me of all that is beautiful and possible in this world. ♡

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