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It's my least favorite time of year...

Back to school season. Unpopular opinion? Maybe, but I truly am a lover of summer and the calm it brings to our home.

Last year we celebrated a major milestone with our oldest child going off to college. Safe to say all went well. He is officially back for year two. We dropped him off a couple of weeks ago and moved him into his first apartment (insert ugly crying face). This move is definitely harder to cope with. There's a 12 month lease to remind me that it's an indefinite move. He's establishing his life, ya know? Far, far, away from home. I'd be lying if I said I haven't cried. I haven't cried today... Yet.

I'm not sure this feeling ever goes away. In all my years of motherhood, no one prepared me for this part of the journey. I feel like it's the least talked about chapter. How do you part with your children, children? How do you embrace that you'll never be their sole caretaker again? That one day you pick them up for the last time. I'm blessed that my child finds it humorous to sit on my lap time to time, but aside from a couple of moments of silliness, I'll never pick up my child again. I can't even tell you the last time I did... He outgrew me in the 5th grade!

This may be repetitive by now, but cherish your children. Sleepless nights, parental frustrations, and stressors will change throughout the years. You'll get your time back and you'll sleep again. However, your children will no longer be children. That's the price we pay as parents. I don't tell you this to guilt anyone. I share in hopes of inspiring you to slow down and be present NOW. I don't want you to send your child off to college (or wherever they choose to go), and realize how much time you've wasted on the countless distractions that took you away from the most valuable people in your life, your kids.

If you're feeling like it's too late, rest assured, adult children come with some perks too. It's a new type of relationship with its own traditions and memories to be made. I, for one, look forward to many more games and happy hours at The Waldrof or wherever these children of mine end up.

Cheers to another school year! May you all be blessed with peace, comfort, and lots of love.

Xx Dee

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